Grow & Give Program

Every Meal’s Grow & Give Program brings together produce from our garden, community garden partners, and you to expand access to fresh produce. Each week during the summer growing season, the collected vegetables and fruits are distributed to children and families in our community.

The “Grow” Part

Every Meal’s Garden

Every Meal has converted approximately 4,000 sq. ft of county land at our Roseville warehouse into a produce garden thanks to our partnership with Ramsey County and the Rotary Club of Edina.

Garden Partners

Our produce garden partnerships include Dangerous Man and Surly breweries, New Life Presbyterian Church, and others.


If you are growing vegetables or fruits in a garden at home, neighborhood, business, or faith community, we encourage you to donate produce harvested. >> Learn More

The “Give” Part

Every week during the growing summer season, as early as June and as late as October, Every Meal assembles all the harvested and donated vegetables and fruits into produce bags. These are distributed to children and families within our network of school and community partners. The produce bags are free for any family who needs them. No qualifications are required, and no information is collected.

Join Us

Grow & Give Produce

Give produce you grow from your garden at home, neighborhood, business, or faith community. 

Volunteer At Every Meal’s Garden

Help with planting, maintenance, and harvesting of our garden in Roseville.


Fund our Grow & Give Program by making a financial gift.