Weekend Meal Affiliate Program

Weekend Meal Affiliates are education sites that use Every Meal food bags but operate their own program to serve kids on the weekends. This affiliate program aims to close the weekend food gap for children, similar to our Weekend Meal Program, but in a different partnership model to help reach more communities in Minnesota. 

Every Meal handles all logistics including food sourcing, inventory management, and delivering food bags to sites. Weekend Meal Affiliates run all other aspects of the program and reimburse Every Meal for the cost of the food bags.

The benefit of partnering with Every Meal is an improved impact on the children being served. Students receive food bags that are tailored to various cultural dietary preferences or situational needs, and are appropriately sized to fit in their backpacks. Schools receive expert food sourcing and assurance that food provided meets our nutrition standards for children and youth. 

To learn more or to start a conversation about how we can partner, please fill out this form.