- Jenna Soule, Every Meal Board Chair "I know it might be hard to believe that food insecurity is a
widespread issue. But the reality is that hunger doesn’t care
where you live."
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Your gift to Every Meal will go right to work providing good food to Minnesota children.


Fighting Child Hunger

More than 300,000 children in Minnesota live with food insecurity. We’re on a mission to change that. Every Meal fights child hunger by focusing on filling the food gaps children face, especially on the weekends, when they’re not able to eat school meals. When they don’t have consistent access to enough food, the risk of hunger is very real. Through our multiple food gap programs, we provide children and families experiencing food insecurity with access to good food.


Volunteer Hours

We offer many ways for you to volunteer your time to help fight child hunger.

Food Access Sites

Our meal bags are available at various sites, with schools being our key way of getting food to children. Your group can partner with a local school.

Sponsor A School
Financial Supporters

To carry out our mission we need financial support. Help us fight child hunger today.

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Hunger doesn’t care where you live

A message from Every Meal Board Chair Jenna Soule.  I have been involved with Every Meal for many years as a volunteer, a financial supporter, and a board member. I wholeheartedly believe in Every Meal’s mission to...

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