Sponsor A School

Your church, company, synagogue, mosque, club, etc. can sponsor a school right here in Minnesota.

Every Meal is an ever-growing network of food gap programs designed to fill the gaps in food access that children face during weekends, summers, and extended breaks. Our primary focus is our Weekend Meal Program, which operates in multiple schools to provide children with wholesome food each Friday and eliminate the weekend food gap. Each of our schools is sponsored by one or more groups in the community – an essential component of our programs.

How Sponsorship Works

Every Meal’s Role – We support the successful partnerships between sponsoring community organizations and schools in need. We provide the logistical and operational arm of the program – we source, pack, manage inventory, store, and deliver the food to your partner school. We will work with you along the way, advising where you need us, to make it easier for your organization to feed kids in the community.

Community Sponsor’s Role – If your organization chooses to partner with a school, you can expect to:

  • Own the relationship with the school
  • Donate towards the cost of the program
  • Provide volunteers to distribute meal bags to the children at school on Fridays

Education Site’s Role – An individual school or school district, as well as other types of education sites can be expected to:

  • Own the relationship with the sponsor
  • Promote the program
  • Coordinate enrollment at the education site

What Our Current Sponsors Think

When we became aware of the need that Every Meal was committed to fulfilling, we quickly made up our mind to help as best we could. Our team jumped at the opportunity to serve the community via our partnership with Every Meal.  Within a matter of hours, we filled our first four volunteer commitments.  Those that have participated already, are anxious to keep coming back.

When we heard about Every Meal, it made sense to us to participate in this collaborative effort, along with the school and another church, because we could accomplish so much more together than any of us could on our own.

The experience has been eye-opening for many volunteers - they didn't understand that a "wealthy" community such as ours would also be dealing with this type of issue.

Such a blessing to be able to help kids with a basic need of food.

Our volunteer work at the school definitely helps us better understand the needs of the community.

Our people are happy to give to Every Meal. It feels real and tangible and local.

You make it so easy! Thank you for handling the logistics of the program, it's so refreshing!

Our group is very willing to put in the time and are dedicated to the cause. The teachers are always so gracious and helpful when they see us.

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