Our Mission, Vision and Values


Fight child hunger through community and school partnerships.


Every Child. Every Meal. ® 


RELATIONSHIPS All of our work relies on intentional relationships. We take care of each other and work together to best fight child hunger in our community. At Every Meal, relationships are key to learning, building, and taking action to create an organization and culture that is welcoming, inclusive, and anti-racist.
COMMITMENT Ambition and drive are fundamental aspects of our mission and program, and we must employ them every day. We recognize that mere adequacy does not align with our mission. To be a dynamic team, we need versatility and a commitment to getting the job done.
THOUGHTFUL COMMUNICATION We use thoughtful communication in all our interactions by being timely, informed, purposeful, and on-brand.
POSITIVE IMPACT Our actions must deliver a positive and equitable impact on children and the community through measurable results, continuous improvement, and a dignified experience. We always strive for program growth to provide more nutritious, delicious, and relevant meals to more children through community engagement and innovation.
Mission and Vision Every Meal Kids At School
Mission and Vision Every Meal Child Eating At Dinner Table