Weekend Meal Program Toolkit

Welcome to the Every Meal Weekend Meal Program Toolkit page! This provides you access to a variety of resources to help successfully implement and run Every Meal’s Weekend Meal Program between school and community sponsor partners.


For food bag distributions:


Q: How do I use the electronic enrollment form?
A: Please reference our Google form instructions here.
Q: When is my next delivery?
A: Every Meal delivers to each site about once a month – consult your Weekend Meal Program Calendar to find your school’s delivery window. If you want to request a delivery sooner, please do so 2 weeks before you want it to arrive. Contact your Every Meal Program Coordinator if you have specific questions.
Q: In what languages does Every Meal have materials?
A: Every Meal is working to translate more of our materials to include English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Arabic, Karen, Amharic, and Pashto. All of our promotional materials in this toolkit include most of these languages. Additionally, our paper enrollment form and electronic enrollment forms are available in most of these languages.