$1 Million Match Challenge

Every Meal has launched a $1 million match challenge that seeks to build community support for hungry kids in Minnesota and meet a challenge match made by five Minnesota family foundations. The main driver for this match comes after experiencing an unprecedented 34% increase in kids signing up for weekend food support, which has made it financially challenging to keep up with the demand.

The match kicked off in early May with KARE 11’s announcement.

Recognizing the economic instability that many Minnesota families face and the important role Every Meal has in ensuring kids have the food they need to learn and grow, five Minnesota family foundations have come together to provide a $1 million matching gift to Every Meal. The match is big because the purpose is big – to activate the community to respond to the increasing needs of hungry Minnesota kids for the rest of this school year, through the summer, and into the next school year.

“If we reach the fundraising goals, this match will help us fulfill our commitment to the nearly 12,000 kids signed up to receive weekend food bags through the remaining weeks of the school year. We expect a significant need again next school year and meeting this match will help us prepare for it. That puts us in a better position to focus more efforts on addressing the growing waitlist of 125 schools asking for our Weekend Meal Program.” – Rob Williams, President and Founder of Every Meal

The first $250,000 matched will go directly to ensuring Every Meal finishes the school year strong, and the next $750,000 matched will go right to work supporting summer programs and preparing for a successful start of the new school year.

Starting immediately, donor’s first or additional gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar AND new or increased monthly donations will be matched two-to-one for a full year. To learn more and help us meet this match, visit www.everymeal.org/1millionmatch.