Will you help the hungry kids in our school?

Will you help hungry kids in our school?”

That’s the question our Founder and President, Rob Williams, heard ten years ago when he started this organization to address child hunger in our community. Sadly, we still hear this question over and over from teachers, principals, social workers, and many others… but it is different now. COVID-19 has caused more strain on families, pushing 100,000 MORE Minnesota children into food insecurity.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our meal bags were available to students in 300 schools. By September 2021, in five short months, we need to almost double this program to 550 schools. We need your help now to make this food available to kids this summer and fall.

Will you help hungry kids in our school?” 

That question now has more urgency and concern. The crisis of COVID-19 is long and the recovery will be longer. But we can’t let the enormity of the problem deter us from its severity.


When you make a donation you are changing the story of child hunger for kids in your community.

How can your gift have the most impact? By becoming a sustaining partner! Your gift will go even further to close the food gap and have an immediate and sustainable impact. You can join now online and we’ll put your gift right to working to fill meal bags!