Volunteers makes the heart of our organization beat

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Volunteer Appreciation Week is one of our favorite weeks of the year! We’re taking this opportunity to shine a bright light on those who make the heart of our organization beat – our incredible volunteers.

Volunteers have played a key role since day one, and we’ve come a long way since then to expand and empower our network of volunteers. This has included undergoing Service Enterprise certification to better integrate volunteers into our human capital strategy and grow our impact on child hunger in Minnesota.

From the moment food enters our warehouse to the moment it goes into a kid’s backpack, volunteers are along the journey offering their hands, hearts, and minds. Below are some key ways volunteers bring our mission to life week after week.

🍏 Food bag packing volunteers pack thousands and thousands of bags every year that contain 4-5 pounds of food that is nutritious, delicious, and relevant.

📦 Order-building volunteers assemble the boxes and pallets of food so they’re ready for delivery to more than 450 sites across Minnesota.

🎒 Distribution volunteers place food bags directly into the backpacks or lockers of kids enrolled in the Weekend Meal Program every week.

💻 Volunteer administrative assistants create a welcoming environment for visitors at our Roseville warehouse and support various administrative tasks and special projects.

🛠️ Skill-based volunteers leverage their unique talents, from photography to coaching, to further our mission.

Additionally, there are two key people at Every Meal dedicated to building our relationships with volunteers and expanding their engagement across the organization. Click their names below to learn more about them.

Our Team Staff Member Barbara Fritz

Barbara Fritz, Volunteer Manager

Liam Green

Liam Green, Volunteer Coordinator

If you’ve volunteered with Every Meal, thank you for contributing your time and talents to make a difference for children in our community.

Follow along on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – from April 22-27 as we celebrate our incredible volunteers throughout the week!

Here’s to you, volunteers!