Updated note from our Executive Director on coronavirus response

Dear Friend,

Over 200,000 children were in food insecurity before schools closed, before there were massive layoffs, and before we faced widespread closures and income losses in our community. The need for nutritious food has since skyrocketed, and will only continue to increase.

Below, I have outlined exactly what we have accomplished in the last few weeks immediately following the state-wide school closures. I have also detailed exactly what we are doing going forward to serve the hungry children across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

A quick snapshot of our response:

  • Our school district and community partners have asked us for over 107,500 meals, more than 28,000 bags of food, a weekover five times what we normally provide
  • A total of 38 semi-truck loads of food
  • The cost to provide this food is at minimum $1,020,600
  • Over 28,000 children served every week

These aren’t abstract numbers – this is how many children need food, right now.

These are serious times and what I think is most helpful right now is to simply lay out the details. I ask that you help fund our unprecedented response to the unprecedented need. Your gift is necessary to serve the children who need food – plain and simple.

Every $100 makes it possible for 25 children to receive meals. Please make an important donation today by donating online or texting SHERIDAN to 44321.


Rob Williams
Executive Director

P.S. If you have donated to our mission in the past few weeks, thank you! We need more hunger fighters in this community – please consider asking your employer, faith community, book club, rotary club, and anyone else you can think of to join you in your support of The Sheridan Story!


The Sheridan Story’s Coronavirus Response Impact Update

The numbers below are based on the ongoing and increasing need of the children and families in our communities.

Impact since March 13th, 2020:

Since state-wide school closures began, we quickly mobilized our existing food resources to meet the growing food needs in the community. With schools remaining closed by mandate through May 4th and expectations that this will continue for the remainder of the school year (ending first week of June), we have prepared for far more. These are the results of our efforts:

  • As of March 29th, 285,271 meals – 70,190 bags of food – have been provided to the community
  • 18 semi-trucks of food on order to be received, packed, and provided to kids in the coming weeks
  • 20 additional semi-trucks of food are in process of being ordered to be received, packed, and provided to kids before June 5th
Expected Output through June 2020:

While demand in Minnesota is far beyond our capabilities to meet fully, the demand from our current partners is 28,350 bags weekly. These food bags are being distributed right now across 31 school districts with multiple distribution sites within each and at 26 YMCA branches in Twin Cities, Rochester, and Hudson.

We expect school buildings will not reopen for remainder of school year, and with 10 weeks remaining in school year, we anticipate the following community need from March 30th – June 5th:

• 977,990 meals (255,150 bags of food)
• $1,020,600 total cost at minimum
• Over 28,000 children served every week

We at The Sheridan Story are unwavering in our mission to support the children in our community throughout this whole pandemic response. While the immediate need was met for the first few weeks, significant need will continue, and will increase in the weeks and months to come.

In disaster responses such as this, there is often a surge of support initially, but then support drops off significantly while the full need has not yet been addressed. We will not be distracted from our vision of Every Child. Every Meal.