Unrest Response

Response to Communities Affected by the Unrest

As a result of looted, burned and closed grocery stores from the recent unrest, some of our communities in the Twin Cities have become food deserts. Many children and families have been left without access to essential items. We are working hard with our partners to bring food and hope throughout the coming weeks and months as the community heals.

“That is what a community is supposed to be, you rally around each other with your time, food or whatever is needed, and get it to those who need help.”

Rob Williams, Executive Director



You can help by spreading the word to your networks. You can share our food collection events posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn; encourage others to donate by creating a fundraiser on Facebook or your own fundraising page; or any other way you’d like to share our efforts with your family, friends and colleagues.

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Bringing food and hope to communities affected by the unrest

We are working hard with our partners to bring food and hope to children and families in communities affected by the unrest over the past week. As...

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Please contact us at info@thesheridanstory.org or 612-568-4003.