Keeping children fed during Saint Paul Public Schools teacher strike

Classes in Saint Paul Public schools closed down March 10th as the teachers union began their strike. A contract agreement has not yet been reached between district and union leaders, meaning students will face a third day out of the classroom. Students, particularly those living in food insecurity, will be without access to nutritious food.

In anticipation of this strike, the team at The Sheridan Story had already begun to mobilize our network of partners to respond to the potential district closure. 

To continue supporting children in the district who are experiencing food insecurity during the strike, we have prepared thousands of bags of food in Saint Paul for students to access. These locations have been communicated to our partner schools and have been included in district communications to families.

While the adults decide on the union contract, please help make sure the children don’t go hungry. This unexpected effort will cost over $15,000. Please join in our efforts to keep children fed during this time!

Donate today to support children in Saint Paul