IMPORTANT: The Sheridan Story & the government shutdown

About an hour ago, I sent the below email to all of The Sheridan Story’s 200 schools. With the federal government shutdown continuing and no end in sight, we are mobilizing to provide food to all families connected with any of our schools, including families of school staff and contractors.

— Click to donate towards a match of $20,000 —

Friends of The Sheridan Story, Ranjit and Sara Ahluwalia, know that children in our community may be the most affected by the government shutdown. In response, they will match donations to The Sheridan Story received by or dated 2/1/19 up to $20,000!

Your donation today will be doubled and will provided much-needed food support!

We have seen and anticipate a continued increase in participation in our weekend food program from students in our schools. We expect an even larger increase as we now temporarily offer the program more broadly.

The Sheridan Story relies 100% on community donations like yours and receives no government funding. So, fortunately we don’t have to wait for the shutdown to end to receive government funding. However, it also means we need your donation to be able to respond to needs like this one, that are sudden and unexpected.

— Reminder — if you donate today your gift will have double the impact!

Thank you for your support of our mission to fight child hunger!

Rob Williams

Executive Director

TSS Office: 612-568-4003
2723 Patton Road, Roseville, MN 55113

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Rob at The Sheridan Story
Date: Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 3:48 PM
Subject: IMPORTANT: The Sheridan Story and the government shutdown
To: <rwilliams@thesheridanstory.org>

Good afternoon,

The Sheridan Story is committed to serving our community through our weekend food program and will continue to do so as the shutdown continues.

I am writing today for three important purposes, please be sure to read all three:

1. Our program will continue regardless of the federal government shutdown
The Sheridan Story’s weekend food program is 100% community funded – we receive no government funding to operate. The shutdown will not inhibit our mission to fight child hunger and our program will continue unaffected. At the same time – we do expect higher participation across all of our schools and will increase fundraising efforts in order to meet demand.

2. A reminder that students can enroll in our program at any time
If there is a sudden need for any student to receive food support, they can enroll in our program immediately. This certainly includes any students whose families are affected by the shutdown.

3. During the shutdown: we are extending our program to any employee/contractor of your school and their family that is affected by the shutdown
We at The Sheridan Story work hard to be a support to our community. Therefore, we are offering to extend our weekend food program beyond just the students at your school. We encourage you to seek school administration approval, and to please communicate this opportunity internally. After the shutdown ends, we will communicate an end date for this opportunity.

A. Please facilitate the distribution to the adults in a manner your school leadership determines is most appropriate.
B. Please include these bags in your weekly distribution statistics submission.
C. Please try to get a count of how many adults will be taking a bag each weekend so we can ensure adequate supply. If you have food supply concerns, please reach out to us.

Thank you for your partnership to support our community. We obviously don’t know when the shutdown will end, and we hope it’s ASAP, but we will stay in communication with you. If you have questions, please respond to this email.

Rob Williams

Executive Director

TSS Office: 612-568-4003
2723 Patton Road, Roseville, MN 55113