Woodridge Church Fights Child Hunger at Hilltop Primary School in Minnetrista, MN

About two months ago, two congregants approached the pastor at Woodridge Church with an idea. “Would it be possible to set up a Sheridan Story program in the Westonka School District? We feel there might be a need in our Westonka community.”

They’re right. Although significant wealth can be found in the Westonka School District, there are also many children in the district living in food insecurity. In fact, about 25% of the kids across Westonka’s 4 schools live in food insecurity, which equates to 560 students. Over 1/3 of these students attend elementary school.

One month later, a meeting with the Westonka Superintendent solidified a partnership between the district, Woodridge Church, and The Sheridan Story. Plans were made to launch the weekend food program into Hilltop Primary School, where over 90 kids live in food insecurity.

Food insecurity exists in every public school in the state of Minnesota, even in communities where we may not normally expect it. The Sheridan Story is excited about this partnership and the impact it will make on dozens of kids in the Westonka School District.

Woodridge Church is already involved in sponsoring two other programs, one in NE Minneapolis and another in Delano, MN.