Half a Million Meals

We have a little frame in our office which has the first-ever notes I took about The Sheridan Story. I took the notes in August of 2010 while sitting in a coffee shop in Northeast Minneapolis.

Mill City Church had recently heard from the principal at Sheridan School, “our kids are stealing food from Friday lunch because they don’t have enough to eat on the weekends. Is there anything you can do to help?”

The notes I took are simple notes outlining an even simpler response to the principal’s request. The response breaks down like this:

1. Find food  2. Put it in bags  3. Give it to kids

That’s still our response, but the scale has grown significantly. Partnerships, volunteers, and donors have all increased, facilitating the most important increase of all: more food getting to more kids in our community.

I had no inkling while taking those first notes that I would someday be sharing this news with you: as of yesterday we have distributed the equivalent of over half a million meals to kids in our community since 2010!

That’s incredible.

This is only possible because of our strong network of churches, companies, synagogues, other faith communities, volunteers, donors, community groups, individuals, and more. You have truly been the hands and feet of God.

Thank you for your crucial support in reaching this milestone and for celebrating it with us today!


Rob Williams
Executive Director

P.S. Impact update:  I thought you’d also like to know… we’re now working in 86 schools serving approx 3,900 children weekly throughout the Twin Cities.
– See our full network of weekend food programs at www.thesheridanstory.com/wherewework/
– Donate to support our growth at www.thesheridanstory.com/donate/