Fuel Your Mind for National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month, March 2024

As part of National Nutrition Month, we want to shine the light on the crucial role nutrition plays in supporting the growth and health of children in our community. At Every Meal, we work to fill hungry bellies and are committed to doing it in a way that provides a balanced nutrition for our children. We provide food, yes. But more importantly, we nourish growing minds and bodies.

This March, we invite you to fuel your mind for National Nutrition Month by learning more about our approach to nutrition in two ways.


Every Meal has put a lot of time and effort into the nutritional component of the food bags we offer children and families, and we continually invest in applying the latest nutrition science. Our staff have thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted our Nutrition Guidelines, which provide a methodology for selecting the food that goes into our bags and into kids’ bellies.

>> Read about our Nutrition Guidelines


Nutrition is one key component of the food we provide, but certainly not the only focus. We also make sure that the food we provide is delicious and relevant to the culture and situational needs of the children and families we serve. That combination – nutritious, delicious, and relevant – is what we at Every Meal consider to be good food. Our first webinar session on March 19 of our “Don’t Miss a Beet” webinar series covers exactly that topic. Sign up to dig deeper into it. But why stop there? Sign up for the whole webinar series, taking place on a quarterly basis, to keep on learning.

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