Expanding our Weekend Food Program to more students

Let us introduce you to a first-grade student named Jayden. It’s the start of the school year and it’s Jayden’s first week in her new school. She’s already made a new friend and really likes her teacher. She’s enjoying having breakfast and lunch every day, and a snack in the after-school program.

But this morning, Jayden is feeling a little nervous. It’s Friday, and sometimes she doesn’t have enough to eat on the weekends. She’s anxious that tomorrow there won’t be enough food at home. After the final bell rings, Jayden leaves her classroom and picks up her backpack from her locker. It feels… different. Jayden looks inside and there is a meal bag full of food! As she joins her classmates on the bus, she gives the bus driver a big smile, relieved to be carrying meals home for the weekend in her backpack.

This story, and the risk of hunger, are a reality for hundreds of thousands of Minnesota children. Your gift makes it possible for Jayden and other children like her, to have access to the meals on weekends, summer, and extended breaks.

This upcoming school year, Every Meal is expanding our Weekend Food Program to over 550 schools to make sure every child gets every meal. And you can make this possible!

Would you consider donating to help expand our Weekend Food Program to more schools? A monthly gift of $21/month can provide meals to another student like Jayden for an entire year.