Even within families, there are food gaps

Two days ago, we got a call from a local mom. She has two kids in schools in the Northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. She told us how the weekend food program was available at her older child’s school, but that it is not available at her younger child’s school. She said the program was really helpful for her family, and she wondered if we were going to be able to offer the program at her other child’s school. The reality is, we can’t yet add that school to our weekend food program – and there are many others.

There are 3,000 kids on our waiting list. These 3,000 kids are hungry, facing challenges everyday living in food insecurity, and they’re waiting – for us.

Together with our network of community partners, we’re changing the story of child hunger. Every donation and volunteer time spent gets us further in helping the thousands of children waiting for our weekend food program. Donations go directly to our food gap programs, so that no child has to worry where their next meal is coming from.