Ensuring students have food during teacher strike

Every Meal is extending our support to our partners to ensure that students continue to receive the food they need to learn and grow during the teacher strike in Minneapolis Public Schools.

In what’s already been a tumultuous year for many children and families, our focus is to help alleviate the uncertainties around access to good food during the strike. We are able to provide that assurance through our network of Community Meal Distributions Sites. These include a variety of public locations throughout the Twin Cities where Every Meal bags are currently stocked and available for children and families to take home. No qualifications are required, and no information is collected. It’s as simple as going to the front entrance and grabbing a bag with minimal or no contact needed. The meal bags are truly a free resource for anyone who needs them, especially in a situation like this where students could be out of school for an undetermined amount of time until an agreement is reached.

We are also supporting our school partners by helping ensure students enrolled in the Weekend Food Program get an extra meal bag to take home before the schools close for the potential strike.


Spread Awareness

Share information about our free meal bags available through our Community Meal Distributions Sites with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Give Today

Your gift helps cover the cost of food and our work in making these meal bags available for free for anyone who needs them. Every $100 provides a meal bag for 25 children.