Dedicate Your Donation This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2023 E-Card Graphic with Every Meal branding

On this day of love, go above the flowers and beyond the sweet treats to show your loved ones you care by dedicating your donation to Every Meal in their honor. Make this part of your Valentine’s Day tradition as a way to celebrate them while also making an impact on child hunger in Minnesota. By giving in their honor, they’ll receive a custom e-card with your special message. This will be sure to bring smiles not only to your loved ones but also to the kids we serve.


Dedicate your donation

Step 1:

Click here to start your dedication.

Step 2:

Select your donation frequency and amount. Make sure to check “Dedicate this donation” and enter your loved one’s name. (You’ll be able to select and send your e-card after you’ve completed your donation.)

Step 3:

Follow the prompts to enter your payment option and add your information to complete your donation.

Send a card to dedicate your gift



Step 4:

Now to the exciting part. After your donation is complete (THANK YOU!), it’s time to send that special e-card. Click on “Send a card.” You’ll be taken to a donor portal on a new page to make your selections.

Step 5:

Fill in all the fields you want to customize, including:

ecard example
  • Dedication type: select in honor or in memory
  • Image: select image from the Valentine’s Day categories (shout out to our volunteer @cliffordpaints who used her illustration skills to create some of these e-cards!)
  • From name
  • Your message: get as poetic as you’d like or keep it short and sweet)
  • Your loved one’s first name and last name
  • Your loved one’s email
Step 6:

Click “Send email” and your loved one will receive your custom e-card in their inbox in a heartbeat.


Thank you for spreading love and kindness while helping to change the story of child hunger in Minnesota.