A note on the summer

We are frequently asked “What does The Sheridan Story do in the summer?” While our primary mission is to fill the weekend food gap during the school year, we recognize hunger is a year round issue.  There are three ways The Sheridan Story is currently working to fight child hunger over the summer months.

  • Each year, thousands of families migrate across the country for their work in the agricultural industry. As a result, the children of migrant farm workers navigate frequent interruptions to their education. The Minnesota Department of Education provides academic teaching and other support service to these children through their Migrant Education Program during the summer months. Thanks to the generosity of a number of our community sponsors, The Sheridan Story and The Minnesota Department of Education have collaborated to provide our meal packs for over 500 students at their 10 program sites ranging from Breckenridge, MN to Rochester, MN over the course of the summer.
  • Through partnership with Surly and Dangerous Man Breweries, The Sheridan Story will be collecting produce from their community gardens and distributing it weekly to a number of students in the Minneapolis Public Schools from mid-July through September.
  • Some school districts in the Twin Cities requested TSS continue offering our meal packs to their summer school students. Please connect with us if you would like to see this offered in your school(s) in summer 2018!

As we continue to grow as an organization, our hope is to expand on these opportunities and continue to strategize ways to fight child hunger year round.