A note from our Executive Director regarding coronavirus

Dear Friend,

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is significantly disrupting all aspects of our community, especially for our children. In the next few weeks, schools will likely close for extended and varied periods of time and schedules will be upended. Hundreds of thousands of children will face a substantial increase in food insecurity.

Our network is responding – and you are a part of our response. In fact, this is an unprecedented call to action. We do not have funds budgeted for this response.

I say this very sincerely – the children in our community need you to donate, and need you to look to your network and ask others to contribute, as well. We MUST ensure our children have food during this unsettling time.

The situation is increasingly dynamic, as will be our response. We must be ready and we WILL be there with food for the children in our community. To learn more about our commitment to children during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, click here.

Fund $348,000 to help us prepare 330,000 meals

Our initial goal is to prepare 330,000 meals for this effort, which is equivalent to completely filling our warehouse with food and emptying it in a matter of weeks. Funding is the only thing in the way of this being possible.

$348,000 is needed to secure this precious food to be provided to our children. We are engaging close partners like the Otto Bremer Trust, who will be joining us in this effort, but we still need your donations and efforts to secure additional funds to make this possible.


Donate now!

We remain committed to the children and invite you to join us!


Rob Williams

Executive Director