A few updates

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us here at TSS, so we’ve got a big update on what we have been up to!

This school year

We are thrilled to now be working in over 140 schools with over 5,300 kids enrolled in our program! Each week, we distribute over 16,000 meals to kids in our community! Thank you for all of your support in making this happen! See the map of schools here: www.thesheridanstory.com/wherewework

Next school year

We are already looking at what next year holds. We’re crunching the numbers and working hard on planning and forecasting.

Terms we’re using in the office include “area saturation,” “growth opportunities,” “program effectiveness,” and “efficient delivery routes.” Also heard in the office is “I’m going to make more coffee,” “all these numbers have my head spinning,” and “there are so many more kids we need to serve.” We’ll share more down the road about our hopes for next year.

Interested in working with your church, company, synagogue, club, etc. to sponsor a school? Click here: www.thesheridanstory.com/sponsor-a-school

TSS store

There is now a TSS store! We have some great clothing items – cool designs but also super soft material. My son calls them “comfy cozy”. Check it out at store.thesheridanstory.com

Free shipping! Proceeds support our work.

TSS Staff

To continue and keep up with our rapid growth, we have brought some incredible new people onto the team. Take a moment and read through their bios at www.thesheridanstory.com/ourteam

We’ve also added some Board members. They’re listed on the bottom of that same link.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

If you’d like to donate, click here: thesheridanstory.com/donate