That’s 1 Million meals The Sheridan Story has distributed since we first started in 2010!

The Story now consists of an incredible community made up of thousands of families, individuals, schools, companies, churches, and other faith and community groups.

Made up of YOU!

  • 141 Schools
  • 132 Sponsors organizations
  • 1,500 Volunteers
  • 1,300 Financial supporters

Together we serve 5,130 kids that participate in our program throughout the Twin Cities. Together we celebrate the milestone of distributing 1 million meals!

The original question still gets asked: is there anything you can do to help the kids in our school?  Our answer will always be a resounding Yes. We’re poised to continue to grow to serve and deliver more meals to more kids.

So, will you help us look forward – to what we can become – to distribute another 1,000,000 meals by becoming a Sustaining Donor? Your monthly contribution helps us offer nourishing food to the kids we’ve yet to reach.

At 1,000,000 meals, we’re just getting started. Help us keep the momentum with a monthly gift today.

Rob Williams
Executive Director
The Sheridan Story

Ps: To celebrate our 1,000,000 meal, we’re sending all current and new sustaining partners a special “I’m A Hunger Fighter” window decal! Become a Sustaining Donor and get yours today!