A Glimpse Inside a School

A few weeks ago, I was at one of our new schools, FAIR School in Downtown Minneapolis. (click here to see all our schools) Some of us from the TSS team – Owen, Avivah, Kate and I – had the opportunity to distribute our bags of food as part of a special distribution prior to a long weekend.

I have been to our food distributions plenty of times before, and it is always a great experience to see the energy within the school staff, kids, and volunteers. However, this distribution stood out.

The Family Liaison at FAIR School is incredible. Her name is Lutunji, and she is the type of person who exudes joy, warmth, and greets you (even for the first time) with a great big hug.

Lutunji was working with us as we distributed the food. It was School Spirit week, and we visited on “Formal Day”, so students were milling around the halls wearing suits and ties and fancy dresses. Several kids ran up to Lutunji to give her a hug, exclaiming things like, “don’t forget to put the food in my bag!” or, “did you do my bag yet?” The affection on the faces of these kids was moving. They were so happy to get a hug from Lutunji and know that she was ensuring they would get their bag of food that week.

These kids are why we do what we do.

But this program isn’t just about the food. It’s also about showing these kids that their schools and communities care deeply about them. Lutunji is a shining example of this, and we are so grateful for her and all the other school staff and community volunteers making this program happen in their schools each week.

Thank you for supporting the kids alongside The Sheridan Story through your donations, your time, and your prayers – I am grateful for whatever method you are able to support our mission!

We continue to move forward to support more kids in more schools. We’re getting close to serving 4,000 kids weekly, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the school year for the final numbers.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Rob Williams
Executive Director
The Sheridan Story

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