Will you join us this Holiday Season?

Every year on Christmas Eve, my Mom and Dad would take an envelope off the tree and share with my sister and I all the places that our family had made donations to over the year. Our church, different community organizations, mission trips… I loved it!

This year, I invite you to join The Sheridan Story with this fun and meaningful tradition. When you make a gift, we’ll send you a special card to share – with your family, children, friends, neighbors, faith community, or anyone else you wish.  Click here and join us through a gift this Holiday season!

We built our goals for this school year with our sights set high: serve an additional 1,575 students and add 32 schools to our program. We are already off to an amazing start serving 122 schools! Join us in surpassing our goal of providing weekend meals to 5,200 students in 132 schools this school year.

I am so grateful for your support, and I hope you’ll join me in this holiday tradition!


Rob Williams
Executive Director
The Sheridan Story

P.S. I truly appreciate your support through a donation. I also wanted to remind you of our upcoming Holiday Packing Event! Click here to join us at the event!