Your Impact This School Year

Next school year we will make an even greater impact on child hunger. Will you join us in one or more of the following ways?

We need volunteers so we can pack the thousands of bags of food that we give to the kids. Slots are open for next school year!

Financial support from individuals, companies, faith communities, etc. is incredibly important as we serve the kids.

Food drive / Fundraiser
Your church, office, club, etc. can hold a food drive and/or fundraiser to both raise awareness about the issue and support our mission.

Know of a community group that may want to sponsor a school? Sponsors are one of the most important components of our programs.

Sustaining Partner
For as little as a few lattes a month, you can help provide us with a consistent base of support.


When children go home from school for the weekend, many face uncertainty: will they have enough to eat this weekend? Sadly, sometimes the answer is no.

“The food that has been sent home has been very helpful. Especially when it has been tight to buy food, and I’ve wondered if I’d be able to feed my kids. I’m grateful and thankful! Thank You!”  
-Mother of a child receiving our bags of food

Every child should have food over the weekend, and no mother should have to worry about whether she will be able to feed her kids. That’s why The Sheridan Story exists – to support children with the nutrition they need to learn and grow.

In the 2014-2015 school year, The Sheridan Story worked in 40 schools to distribute 54,291 bags containing 250,827 pounds of food to some 2400 children. That’s nearly 4 times more than we distributed the previous school year. Click here to see our year-end recap.

We couldn’t have done it without partners like you. You make this impact possible by volunteering at packing events, serving at schools, donating your dollars, praying for our work, and spreading the word about the issue of child hunger to those who aren’t yet aware of it.

“I am really thankful for the program, some days we have nothing in the fridge, but because of the food every Friday, I am able to make dinner. I just want to say thank you so much.” – Parent of a child receiving our bags of food

I’m truly grateful for your support!


Rob Williams

Executive Director – The Sheridan Story
740 Harding St NE Ste B, Minneapolis, MN 55413