I wish she never had to worry

Recently, a volunteer shared that a little girl approached her while she was distributing our bags of food at a school. The girl said a quiet, “Thank you”, and the volunteer realized that the locker she’d just put a bag into belonged to the little girl. The volunteer said the exchange was uplifting and saddening all at once.

Every time I hear one of these stories, I feel a range of emotions.

I love it because it reveals how much The Sheridan Story is helping our families and kids, and how important it is that we do what we do. I hate it because I wish The Sheridan Story didn’t have to exist.

I wish that little girl and her parents never had to worry about having food at home. I wish that The Sheridan Story never had to order, pack, and deliver the bags to the school to be distributed by volunteers. I wish we didn’t have to do any of this.

But we do. The Sheridan Story believes that no child should be hungry, and as long as there are kids living in food insecurity in the Twin Cities we will continue our mission to fight child hunger.

In 2016, we are working on remarkable growth in our impact: over 375,000 meals (compared to 209,000 last year) in over 60 schools throughout the Twin Cities (compared to 40 last year).

So, here’s my ask of you… we need your financial support. This holiday season, would you donate to help us expand our critical work?

Thank you for considering a financial gift as we prepare for 2016. We can’t do it without you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Rob Williams
Executive Director – The Sheridan Story

P.S. Just $130 allows The Sheridan Story to provide food for a child for a whole school year. About $12 a month!