It takes the whole community to fight child hunger – including you!

“As a daughter of parents who were products of generational poverty, my mom often tells the story of when I was little, how she had to accept food and clothes from others. We were lucky to have a community to care for us. The assistance of The Sheridan Story makes an impact on our students’ health, sense of community, and their sense of self in the world. Like me, they will remember that it takes a whole community to care for each other.”

— Principal at a school in The Sheridan Story network

Dear friend,

The principal who shared above was once a child – a child whose family lived in a tough situation and struggled to put food on the table. But the community rallied around her family, providing the nutrition and support needed for a child to grow up to become a principal.

Right now, over 100,000 children in the Twin Cities live in the same situation. Our community must come around these children with the nutrition they need to be able to learn and grow. Today’s kids are our community’s future!

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Our Growing Impact:

  • Fall 2012 – 1 school, 300 children
  • Fall 2013 – 5 schools, 500 children
  • Fall 2014 – 26 schools, 1600 children
  • Fall 2015 – how many kids will we reach? 

It takes the whole community to care for each other – including you! This holiday season, please consider making a donation to The Sheridan Story and help us fight child hunger!

I sincerely thank you for your support.

Rob Williams
Executive Director

P.S. We’re almost half way through the school year, and I had to share… as of last week, we’ve distributed over 54,000 meals since September, passing the 53,116 meals we distributed all of last school year!