Fall Lineup – The Sheridan Story Network


I am so excited to share this update with you, which is the result of a
long period of planning, conversation, work, growth and prayer.

During the past year we have developed partnerships
with companies, non-profits, individuals, churches, political groups,
foundations, schools and school districts which have been integral to
making this day possible. We have written letters, made websites, and
printed brochures. We have met with volunteers, pastors, CEOs,
individuals, politicians, teachers, principals, and anyone else we could
get in a room.

We have worked for nearly a year to put in place the structure and
network that I am fortunate enough to share with you today. This fall,
our multi-school platform will change the story of child hunger for students in 3 new schools, bringing our total number of participating schools to 5. (More schools to come in Winter 2014!)

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to the 3 new schools and 3 new community partners we are adding to our Fall 2013 lineup (click below for more info):

Bethune School with Colonial Church

Menlo Academy with City Street Church

Northeast Middle School with Waite Park Church