Shir Tikvah and Mount Olivet Team Up to Sponsor Washburn High School

During the summer of 2013, staff at Washburn High School approached The Sheridan Story with a concern: kids at the school were hungry. The school had been trying to help them as best they could through neighborhood food drives but simply couldn’t keep up with the need. They asked if The Sheridan Story could launch in Washburn High School.

Since Washburn High School is located in Southwest Minneapolis, which many perceive to be an affluent neighborhood, people may assume that child hunger is not a problem there. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect: over 500 students at the school live in food insecurity and face a food gap on the weekends when they can’t receive food at school.

Situated on the same block as one another, Shir Tikvah Congregation and Mount Olivet Lutheran Church are located less than a mile from Washburn High School. The Sheridan Story approached both congregations and asked if they would be interested in partnering to change the story of child hunger at Washburn High. Both communities were eager to respond and will be co-sponsoring Washburn High School beginning in 2014.

We are so grateful for this inter-faith partnership, and we are excited for the ways it will impact the kids of our community!