1 million meals provided since coronavirus crisis began

For the last two months, our daily mantra has been “we’ll get through this together!” Today, we can proudly say that mantra has proved to be true. The Sheridan Story and the community response to this pandemic have been nothing short of amazing. Since March 13, The Sheridan Story has provided…

1,000,000 MEALS

What we have accomplished together in the past two months is equivalent to what we usually do in a whole year. To meet the skyrocketing food needs, we increased our meal output by 400%, delivering 100,000 meals a week to 31 school districts and other community partners across Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

The children who’ve had food in their cupboards and their next meal available because of our efforts are at the heart of this celebratory accomplishment. While there’s much more work ahead of us, our community has come together in a very impactful way to ensure children don’t go hungry. For that, we celebrate and thank you.

We truly could not have done this without the support of our community! It is such an important role in this heroic fight against child hunger. For that, we can’t say THANK YOU enough!

Continuing to provide 100,000 meals a week 

We have been there for these children through the school closures, and we will continue to be there for them through disruptions to summer activities and the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Food insecurity will undoubtedly increase for more and more children this summer, but we have a very tangible way to help and nourish them.

The harsh reality is that in order to continue operating at this increased level through early September, we need to raise $1.5 million. With continued support, we can turn this into a reality full of compassion and hope. Your donation today will allow us to order food as quickly as we can to ensure children don’t lack access to nutritious meals as we head into the summer.

The generous support so far is what has made it possible to get to 1 million meals and keep kid’s bellies full during this pandemic – and the continued support will help us keep that going and be a consistent source of nutrition for children and families in our community.