Our Food

Our commitment

Every Meal is committed to using only high-quality food that retains dignity for our children and families. Dietitians/nutritionists through Allina Health and Saint Paul Public Schools were consulted to select healthy items for our food bags. We also continually gather feedback from taste tests, program participant surveys, and collaboration with cultural liaisons and community groups.


Our commitment to the type of food we provide also requires we invest time and funds into sourcing food. Almost all of our food is purchased in bulk from reputable food banks, wholesalers, and manufacturers. We source our food from the best vendors we can find throughout the country.

Food drives are also an important part of our food sourcing. All donated food is thoroughly sorted by our specific criteria before being used in our bags.

Weekend food bags

Families may choose from five options structured around the USDA MyPlate standards. All bag types contain 4-5 pounds of nutritious, non-perishable food, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and soups/entrees. Bag types are identified by different colors of the Every Meal logo.

Blue Bag
Tailored for East African dietary preferences. This bag is pork free and may contain items such as tuna, spaghetti, black eyed peas, corn flour, fava beans, and tomato products.

Green Bag
This bag offers the widest variety of food items, such as chicken, tuna, pasta, rice, mac and cheese, chili/soup, and varied vegetables and fruits.

Orange Bag
Tailored for Latino dietary preferences. This bag may contain items such as rice, black beans, pinto beans, corn flour, fideo pasta, enchilada sauce, chipotles in adobo, and diced chiles.

Purple Bag
Tailored for Southeast Asian dietary preferences. This bag may contain items such as rice, rice noodles, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, curry paste, green beans, and mandarin oranges.

Yellow Bag
Contains all ready-to-eat items which require little or no preparation, such as dried fruit, tuna salad, chicken salad, sunflower seeds, granola, oatmeal, and soups.

Produce bags

Our friends at Surly and Dangerous Man Breweries run community gardens, from which Every Meal collects produce. The gardens yield a variety of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and more! It is then distributed to local families.

Grow & Give Produce Garden

In partnership with Ramsey County, Every Meal has converted approximately 4,000 sq. ft of county land right at our facility into a produce garden. Learn more.

Weekend Food Program
Our Food
Weekend Food Program