Sponsor Toolkit

Welcome to the Every Meal Sponsor Toolkit page! This provides you access to a variety of resources from videos to requesting a speaker that you can use to communicate and engage your community with Every Meal’s mission to fight child hunger.


Share these videos in group meetings, web pages, emails, or social media. Click on the Vimeo link to download the individual videos directly.

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Primary Logo

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If you’d like print materials, please contact Brooke Summers at bsummers@everymeal.org or 612-568-4003.

Overview Brochure

Weekend Food Program Handbook

Every Meal Overview
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Our Food
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Responsibilities Snapshot
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Sample Copy

What is Every Meal?

The mission of Every Meal, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, is to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships. Through their partner network, they’re able to get food to children who live in food insecurity, which means they don’t always know when they’ll get their next meal. Every Meal strives to make a difference in children’s lives by focusing on food gaps — the times when children aren’t at school to access meal programs. Every Meal supports families with programming over the weekends, extended breaks, and summer.

Is food insecurity a reality in my community?

Yes. Food insecurity is often an invisible and hidden issue. Research shows that over 75 percent of US workers live paycheck to paycheck, and an estimated 1 in 9 Minnesotans including 1 in 6 children is food insecure as of 2020. Being food insecure causes families to be stressed and worried that they might run out of food before being able to buy more. Additionally, some families may eat less balanced meals and even skip meals because there isn’t enough money to buy food. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more children into food insecurity, totaling over 300,000 children in Minnesota.

How can you help?

Join Every Meal in the fight against child hunger by donating, volunteering, or spreading the word. Every dollar you give adds up and every action you take matters in changing the story of child hunger.

Fundraising Ideas

Participate in Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day (GTMD) is a big giving holiday in Minnesota in November and an additional opportunity for your congregation to get involved in changing the lives of children living with food insecurity. This year, it’s on November 17, 2022. Get your congregation to participate by highlighting Every Meal as a faithful partner of the church in your newsletter, email updates, or social media. We’ve created a toolkit with copy and graphics that you can use.

Download the GTMD22 social media toolkit here.

Custom Link

This is our most popular fundraising idea. You can create a custom link through our online giving platform. All donations made through this link are credited towards our Partner Organization’s pledge. You can customize your campaign to fit the needs and values of your group, setting your own fundraising goals and timeline, and uploading your organization’s logo.

Start your fundraiser at www.everymeal.org/fundraise.

Fill a Bag

This creative idea came from one of our Partner Organizations – St. Timothy Lutheran Church of St. Paul. To help reach their pledge goal, they asked Every Meal for 61 of our empty meal bags. They challenged their members to take a bag as they left the Sunday Service and bring it back the next Sunday filled with nonperishable food. Plus a $100 check along with it.

Contact bsummers@everymeal.org to request your bags.

Digital Food Drive

Many Partner Organizations have had great success with an Every Meal Digital Food Drive. Members get to have the experience of “shopping” for food items as they would for an in person food drive, but it serves as a financial donation instead of a retail purchase. Every Meal can then take that money and stretch it to purchase food for kids in bulk.

Donate food digitally at www.everymeal.org/digital. For questions, email us at fooddrive@everymeal.org.

The Hunger Fighter Jar

This Every Meal Hunger Fighter Jar can be placed in a high traffic area at work, shared office space or at a church building. As people pass by, they can add money, change, or checks made out to Every Meal. You can challenge participants toward individual goals or you can have competitions between departments, small groups, or families.

Use our logos to create your jar.

Feed a Child for a Year

The cost to provide Every Meal’s delicious, nutritious and relevant weekend meals for one child is $323 per year. Many Partner Organizations challenge members to support a child. You can set a goal for your group and challenge your members to meet it.

Go to www.everymeal.org/donate to make your donations.

Additional Volunteering

Does your community want to learn about additional volunteering opportunities? Learn more below.

Browse Volunteer Opportunities

Request a Speaker

Would you like an Every Meal representative to speak at an event or meeting to expand on our mission of fighting child hunger? Request a speaker by filling out the form below or sending an email to Brooke Summers at bsummers@everymeal.org.

Connect With Us on Social Media

Awareness is the first step towards action. By using social media to tell family, friends, and colleagues about our work, you’ll be helping spread awareness about the child hunger issues we face in our state.