Holly Daniels

Holly Daniels

Volunteer Coordinator

E-mail: hdaniels@everymeal.org

Brief info

Holly joined Every Meal team in July 2018. She’s excited to bring her passion for serving others, and her skills in communications and relationship-building to the team.

Before starting her career in nonprofit at Every Meal, Holly had a wide array of experiences, including AmeriCorps, literary publishing, working in high school special education, and she even sold donuts for a time. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction writing.

Aside from her new goal of trying to write something every day, Holly enjoys reading, watching TV, and talking about ideas. She begins most sentences with: “I just listened to a podcast on…” After her rural Minnesota childhood, Holly loves learning about all the different cultures and neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, and she's thrilled to work for an organization that equips and empowers folks to love their neighbors well.