Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Development Manager

E-mail: bjones@everymeal.org

Brief info

Brian Jones had a thriving career in the FBI before leaving to attend Asbury Theological Seminary, beginning his 15-year career as a pastor.

Most recently, Brian served at Colonial Church of Edina, where he had the incredible opportunity to pioneer Innové Studios, a model called “Shark Tank for churches” by Minnesota Business Magazine. Innové Studios has helped revitalize communities through the successful funding and launch of 21 social ventures. Wonderfully, Every Meal was one of those social ventures and Brian has loved it ever since!

Coming full circle, Brian joined The Sheridan Story in June 2020 to support its mission as a member of the Development team.

Brian’s wife Danielle is the Minister of Mission and Congregational Life at Wayzata Community Church, where he serves on the camp board. He has two wonderful daughters, Campbell and Charlotte, and he has seen all the Marvel movies at least a million times.