Alan Mondragon

Alan Mondragon

Marketing Coordinator

E-mail: amondragon@everymeal.org

Brief info

Alan joined Every Meal in October of 2020. Born and raised in Southern, California he moved to Minnesota in 2019. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design/Visual Communication from California State University: Los Angeles and has experience working in the field of design. He previously worked for Knowledge Conferences (KConfs) in Saint Paul helping organizing and creating content for IoT conference events. He brings his experiences and knowledge of working with small companies and startups on social media, design, and marketing. In his free time he enjoys creating art, exploring Minneapolis, trying new food, sleeping, watching ghost videos, and crime documentaries.

Alan is passionate about music (and still buys CDs), art, games, learning new things, and enjoys watching interesting documentaries in his free time. Some of his favorite shows are: 30 Rock, Maury Show, Prison Break, King of Queens, Severance, Glee, and more. One of this favorite things to live by is "how can someone be bored of life? There are so many things to be curious about!".